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Walmart's donation to G5 Gives Back! 2022

We are excited to announce we received a donation from Walmart Giving! We were able to directly assist 8 families! Christmas wish lists were fulfilled and 2 evictions were prevented.

The 3rd Annual G5 Holiday Give Back was a success! In collaboration with G5 Party Bus.

We thank Walmart and our individual donors for sharing and trusting our mission to "Empower members of our community facing hardships through direct support and opportunities."

Donations are accepted year-round, here on our site.

We do not publicly announce the names, photos, or video of the recipients of our give backs. We feel this way families who need assistance can submit with the peace of mind in knowing they will not be plastered on the internet. We all need a little help sometimes and it is important to know we are all in this together.

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