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The Story behind: G5 Gives Back!

How it all started...

G5 Gives Back spawned from an idea that began in 2020... Each year since the brand’s inception, the company has gone the extra mile to sponsor an annual G5 Holiday Giveaway. This annual event was created to give a helping hand to families experiencing hardship. This giveaway included covering a month of rent along with providing gifts from the family’s holiday wish list.

"Helping a family in need was the mission that gave us vision"

Each day individuals make decisions that impact their quality of life. Unfortunately, some may not have the necessary resources to change their current situation. There are many families in multiple communities that are suffering solely based on financial challenges. G5 Gives Back wants these families to know that there are still people in the community that genuinely care.

G5 Gives Back will continue to maximize our efforts in giving a helping hand to these families by becoming a 501(c)(3). Once we accomplish this task, we will be able to accept donations year-round to enable us to do more for the community.

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