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4th Annual G5 Holiday Give Back!

In collaboration with Ground 5 Party Bus and Walmart #3205 Lithia Springs, we are excited to announce our 4th Annual G5 Holiday Give Back!

Our mission is to "Empower members of our community facing temporary hardships through direct support and opportunities."

The G5 Holiday Give Back has a primary focus on providing basic household and personal necessities, holiday wish list for children, family meals, and school supplies.

When requesting assistance from G5 Gives Back, there is always a certain level of professionalism and confidentiality held. Although we may record and or photograph our process, this is so our donors and sponsors can see where their donations go (upon request). We do not publicly announce the names, photos, or video of the recipients of our give backs.

We feel this way families who need assistance can submit with the peace of mind in knowing they will not be plastered over the internet. We all need a little help sometimes and it's important to know we are all in this together.

Happy Submissions!

A portion of the donations our organization receives directly fund the G5 Holiday Give Back.

*Receiving family must be a resident of Fulton County, Dekalb County, or Clayton County.

*Up to 4 families will be chosen.

Submissions for this give back end on 12.14.23 at 11:59pm.

Selected families will be notified by 12.16.23.

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