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1st Annual G5 Give Back 2020!

Our 1st Annual G5 Holiday Giveaway was a complete SUCCESS!

We believe giving back to the communities we serve is important. The best part of our giveaway is for the privacy of the family. We’ve ultimately decided not to publicly announce or post the name or pictures of the family. We believe that our Atlanta neighbors should feel comfortable submitting to our giveaways knowing that we are all in this together. A certain level of confidentiality & professionalism will be held.

The family was extremely grateful and accepting of our gifts on Christmas morning! We decided to take it a step further and pay 1 month's rent for this family! Let us all remember this is the season of giving. We hope everyone enjoyed time with their family! Let’s turn 2021 UP🎉🎉🚍

Thank you to our additional contributors:

Forniss Family Felicia Lewis McCrary Family

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